Environmental Product Declarations

INOVYN is the first European chemical company to launch its own Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) covering its chlor-alkali and PVC product range.

INOVYN’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) were prepared using industry best practice methodology by the Institute for Energy & Environmental Research Heidelberg, one of Europe’s most respected and independent ecological institutes. The same methodology has been used by PlasticsEurope and Euro Chlor.

Our EPDs evaluate INOVYN’s product portfolio against an extensive set of parameters including the extraction and refining of raw materials; energy production and supply; and resource inputs and emissions.  

Our industry is continuously seeking readily available, low carbon raw materials to meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainable end products.  With its EPDs, INOVYN offers its industrial customers the benefit of being able to report significantly improved eco-profiles based on credible, independently verified data.


Customers wishing to learn more about INOVYN's EPDs should contact their Sales Manager.