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Please note that the INOVYN Investor Relations website is currently not in use and we are no longer accepting registrations. 

The new Investor Relations platform for INEOS Quattro will be in place shortly.



The INOVYN Finance Plc Investor Relations website provides specific information for banks, bondholders and analysts only. This website is not for general access. 

Further information for customers, suppliers, distributors and those with a general interest in INOVYN is available from

Please note there is an alternative Investor Relations service for INEOS Group, which can be accessed from

Access to the INOVYN Finance Plc Investor Relations website is granted on an individual basis. You are not permitted to share your username or password with anyone else. 

Please enter your account information below to login, or if you are new to this service please click on the "register" tab and complete a registration form.

Dirk Dupon
Investor Relations Manager, INOVYN Finance Plc

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