Globally, greenhouse gas emissions must be substantially cut to meet international Net Zero targets.

Renewable hydrogen as a fuel is central to achieving these goals. It is a game-changing source of energy that can be used as both a raw material for industry and as a power source for transport and the home. It has the potential to make a significant impact in the fight against climate change.

Who we are

INEOS is Europe’s largest operator of industrial electrolysis, the technology necessary to produce renewable hydrogen, and we are growing our business by investing into water electrolysis capacity for renewable hydrogen production across Europe.

Using our expertise in hydrogen production, technology and storage, we are driving changes that will help enable industrial electrolysis and fuel-cell powered transport, a reality.

As both a user and producer of hydrogen, it puts us in a unique position at the heart of Europe’s hydrogen transformation.

We are helping lead the transition to a hydrogen-powered economy.



Making hydrogen a reality

Making the hydrogen economy a reality will take a collaborative, integrated effort across all of the key value chain players.

We continue growing our Hydrogen business which includes storage and compression projects across Europe, water electrolysers and hydrogen powered transport. As hydrogen demand increases, it must be matched by realistic production and economic ambitions. Clear legislation and support needs to be in place to nurture this market and investment during a challenging economic climate.



Hydrogen for mobility

Hydrogen can play an important role in the decarbonisation of road transport for larger vehicles (heavy-duty vehicles), and also for rail transport.

Maritime transport, including inland waterways and both short- and long-distance deep-sea shipping, and aviation would also utilise hydrogen to decarbonise their fuel source.



Hydrogen as a fuel (industry and home)

Hydrogen is one of the main options for converting renewable electricity into a fuel that can be stored and transported over long distances.

It can be used both in industry, to aid sustainable power generation or steam production, and as a heating fuel, replacing natural gas for heating domestic and commercial buildings.



Hydrogen as a feedstock

Hydrogen use today is dominated by industry in their processes. This includes steel, glass, and chemical plants, as well as oil refineries.  

Currently industry vastly use fossil-based “grey” hydrogen. However, if replaced by renewable hydrogen, the impact on the environment would significantly decrease. 



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