Terms and Conditions of Sale


For all customers of INOVYN: 

CountrySales Legal Entity Terms and Conditions
  INOVYN Europe Limited English, English (Bulk Shipments)French
 Belgium INOVYN Belgium SA English
  INOVYN Trade Services SA (ITS) English, English (Bulk Shipments)
  INOVYN Trade Services German
 France INOVYN PVC France SAS English, French
 Germany INOVYN Deutschland GmbH English, German
 Italy INOVYN Italia S.p.A. English, Italian
  INOVYN Produzione Italia S.p.A. (IPIT) English
 Norway INOVYN Norge AS English, English (Bulk Shipments), Norwegian
 Spain INOVYN Espana S.L English, Spanish
 Sweden INOVYN Sverige AB English, Swedish
 United Kingdom INOVYN ChlorVinyls Limited English, English (Bulk Shipments), French, Russian
 United States of  America INOVYN Americas Inc English


Terms & Conditions of Purchase

For former suppliers of INEOS ChlorVinyls:

INOVYN Europe Limited English
INOVYN ChlorVinyls Limited English
INOVYN Norge AS English
INOVYN Sverige AB English
INOVYN Enterprises Limited English

Former suppliers of the Chlor Chemicals and SolVin businesses of Solvay should refer to the Terms & Conditions of Purchase supplied with order paperwork.