BREXIT Statement


INOVYN is a leading European business and our commitment to European chlorvinyls is unchanged, regardless of the UK’s future position outside of the EU.

INOVYN Europe Limited is a UK incorporated company with branches established throughout Europe. The products we sell are manufactured on strategically located sites across Europe and sold to a global customer base.

Although INOVYN hopes that a Brexit deal with the EU is achieved, and agreed by the UK Government, we recognise that, in this period of uncertainty, we need to establish contingency plans in the event of a ‘No Deal’ scenario.

INOVYN has a dedicated steering team, with representatives from all business functions, that continues to review the potential impact of Brexit. INOVYN is  formulating plans to ensure that we can still provide the same high quality service to our customers, regardless of where they are based.  This includes:

Customers and suppliers should be aware of the requirements for their own preparedness in the event of a ‘No-Deal’ or so-called ‘Hard Brexit’.  Useful information can be found on the UK Government website