VinylPlus® is the European PVC industry’s Voluntary Commitment to Sustainable Development. Designed to establish a long-term sustainability framework for the entire PVC value chain, VinylPlus® is positioning itself as a frontrunner for sustainable development.

Approximately 200 companies across the PVC value chain are united in support of VinylPlus®, as well as over 150 recycling partners. INOVYN is the main provider of both financial and management support to the VinylPlus® programme.

The programme has been developed in an open process of stakeholder dialogue including private companies, NGOs, regulators, civil society representatives, and PVC users. It extends to the EU-28 plus Norway and Switzerland.

So what is VinylPlus®?

A Voluntary Commitment that works

VinylPlus® has been widely recognised for its success as one of the few industry voluntary commitments that has delivered measurable progress.

Framework for Sustainable Development

The Natural Step team provides both a framework for sustainable development as well as guidance & structure and is seen as the ‘critical partner’ to the VinylPlus® programme.

The VinylPlus® Voluntary Commitment identifies 5 key Sustainability Challenges as priorities according to The Natural Step’s System Conditions for a Sustainable Society.

Annual Progress Report