Sustainable Organic Chlorine Derivatives

We are Europe’s premier epichlorohydrin producer.

Continuing with the development of sustainable products, we launched REODRINTM, the world’s first bio-attributed epichlorohydrin, in 2021.

REODRINTM exemplifies our ongoing commitment to accelerate the circular economy and deliver a Net Zero Europe by 2050.



REODRINTM enables greenhouse gas saving of almost 70% compared to fossil-based epichlorohydrin, and it is manufactured from 100% bio-circular, second generation glycerine.

It obtained ISCC PLUS certification in October 2022, expanding deployment of the bio-attribution concept along our value chain and making it easier for customers to take advantage of the lower greenhouse gas benefits from this material.

REODRINTM represents an unrivalled combination of quality, performance and sustainability.



How does this attribution work?




  • REODRINTM, produced using certified renewable materials based on a mass-balance approach
  • Drop-in product that do not require any changes to your production processes or end product
  • Consumers will enjoy the same product quality and performance with strong sustainability credentials



Pedro Moura Pinto