Specialty Vinyls

INOVYN is the European vinyls leader and among the top three largest vinyls producers worldwide. Vinyls are by far the most versatile thermoplastics ever and INOVYN serves different market needs through two dedicated business units -
Specialty Vinyls and General Purpose Vinyls.

Specialty Vinyls


Value creation through innovation.

With well invested and dedicated production facilities across Europe, INOVYN is one of the leading manufacturers of Specialty Vinyls worldwide. Our Specialty Vinyls portfolio is unique, with over 60 different grades and a dedicated Research & Development team producing highly innovative product solutions for our customers.

Among countless applications our Specialty Vinyls influence the latest trends in fashion through cutting edge designs for floors, clothing and furniture; they are used in the latest generation of cars including high-tech dashboards, comfortable interiors and endurance components; and help us to lead longer, healthier lives with applications as diverse as lightweight composites for clean energy to the latest lifesaving medical equipment in hospitals.

We are also at the forefront of sustainability with our VINYLOOP® initiative, a partnership with Serge Ferrari, which offers recycled vinyls solutions.

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General Purpose Vinyls

Specialty Vinyls