Organic Chlorine Derivatives

INOVYN is one of the world's largest producers of organic chlorine derivatives, including flagship brands such as its CERECLOR™ range of chlorinated paraffins.

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Organic Chlorine Derivatives


1,2,3 Trichloropropane

1,2,3 trichloropropane produced by INOVYN is used as a starting material in specific industries including crop protection and adhesives.


1.3 dichloropropene produced by INOVYN, and marketed by our customers, is used as a pesticide, helping to keep vital food crops free from disease.

Allyl chloride

Allyl chloride produced by INOVYN is a precursor of epichlorohydrin. It is also used in the production of “green” tyres and other rubber products, and of coagulants for water treatment.

Carbon tetrachloride

INOVYN produces carbon tetrachloride for supply as a feedstock for fluoro-gases which are primarily used for refrigerants and foam blowing.

Chlorinated paraffins

INOVYN is the largest manufacturer of chlorinated paraffins in the world. Our extensive range of chlorinated paraffins - marketed under the CERECLOR™ brand - is the result of more than 60 years of product innovation. CERECLOR™ is renowned as the cost effective additive for a wide range of industrial applications including paints; adhesives; plastics; and sealants.


Chloroform produced by INOVYN is a key raw material for certain fluorinated polymers, e.g, PTFE. It is also used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical ingredients that help keep people healthy through the production of many of today's medicines.

Di-isoamyl ether

INOVYN is a leading manufacturer of di-isoamyl ether, which is used as an industrial solvent in electronics and polymer chemistry.


INOVYN produces epichlorohydrin, a key building block in the manufacture of epoxy resins for composites, coatings and adhesives widely used in industries such as construction, wind energy generation, electronics and aerospace industry. It is also used in the production of chemicals used in pulp and paper and water treatment.

Glycerol alpha monochlorohydrin

Glycerol alpha monochlorohydrin produced by INOVYN is used as a key starting material in the manufacture of chemicals and active ingredients, for example in the production of fungicides; expectorants; and pharmaceuticals.

Methylene chloride

INOVYN produces a range of methylene chloride grades, including its exclusive brand METHOKLONETM. Amongst other key applications, methylene chloride is used as an effective extraction medium in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals or as a solvent in low temperature metal cleaning.


Monochloropropene produced by INOVYN is a building block for certain fluorinated compounds, which are used in specific foam blowing technologies.


INOVYN is a leading manufacturer of perchloroethylene, with its key brands PERSTABIL® used for dry cleaning, SOLTENE™ used for metal degreasing; and CATALYST grade used in petrochemical refineries.


INOVYN is the world-leader in the production and marketing of vegetable based high purity polyglycerols (diglycerol, polyglycerol-3 and polyglycerol-4).

These products are used in their native state or are transformed into derivatives by our customers within industries as varied as food; personal care; pharmaceuticals; and plastics. 

Continuous research and development carried out by INOVYN has led to a new generation of polyglycerols, with consistently high purity and unique properties.  

Organic Chlorine Derivatives

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