Chlor Alkali

INEOS Inovyn is proud of its range of high quality Chlor Alkali products, which are essential ingredients in a wide variety of everyday industrial applications. 

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Chlor Alkali



Chlorine produced by INEOS Inovyn is widely used as an intermediate in the manufacture of vehicle parts including fabrics, electronic components, glass and safety equipment. It is essential to the production of PVC. Did you know that over 142,000 square metres of PVC fabric was used for construction of the London 2012 Olympic venues including the Olympic Stadium itself?

Ferric chloride

Ferric chloride is used as an effective agent in sewage treatment.

Hydrochloric acid

INEOS Inovyn produces hydrochloric acid in a variety of grades tailored to industry needs. A key application is in the production of synthetic rubber for tyres - helping to keep people safe whilst on the move.

Potassium hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide produced by INEOS Inovyn finds essential applications in a range of industries including food; personal care; transport; and pharmaceuticals.

Sodium hydroxide

INEOS Inovyn is one of the largest producers of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) in the world and a market leader in Europe. Caustic soda is a vital raw material used in almost every industry sector, which is why it is considered one of the true cornerstones of manufacturing. Our caustic soda grades find key applications in the production of alumina and in pulp and paper production. Caustic soda also helps to keep clothing clean through the production of soaps and detergents.

Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite produced by INEOS Inovyn is used as a highly effective disinfectant and bleaching agent, helping to keep homes and businesses clean and hygienic. It is also essential in the production of safe, clean drinking water. Sodium hypochlorite is also an effective replacement for chlorine in the treatment of swimming pool water, helping protect users from germs and bacteria.

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