Sustainable PVC

INEOS Inovyn is committed to play a leading role in the transition to a sustainable economy. Our regular PVC offering is made of the lowest carbon products available of their kind, with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to verify their credentials. To go further, our PVC portfolio has been expanded to offer more solutions for society's everyday life, with a significantly reduced carbon footprint and a move towards circularity.

The range of products belonging to our sustainable PVC portfolio can be used as drop-in solution and is certified against the most stringent sustainability standards, such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) and the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS).



BIOVYNTM will become our net zero PVC option. It is our next generation PVC made from 100% renewable carbon feedstock and designed to meet modern-day needs.

The benefits of this bio-attributed PVC have been increasingly used in various sectors from automotive, building and construction, to medical and fashion. 

BIOVYNTM, launched in 2019 with already great GHG savings, has been optimised to become carbon neutral.




INEOS Inovyn introduces NEOVYNTM, the new PVC range with a reduced carbon footprint meeting 2030 market targets on GHG reductions.

NEOVYNTM will be our new standard PVC range with a carbon footprint reduced by 37% compared to the European industry average.  

NEOVYNTM will be produced from the many sustainable initiatives that INEOS Inovyn is pursuing, such as an increased access to renewable energy, process electrification and the production and use of renewable hydrogen.

It will become our new low carbon footprint standard enabling converters to progress on their carbon roadmap by reducing their Scope 3 emissions and offer low carbon footprint products on their own markets.




RECOVYNTM is our new PVC product range that addresses circularity and plastic waste that is currently not mechanically recycled. It is made from 100% recycled carbon feedstock and is designed for customers who want to increase their recycled content and meet high technical, quality and regulatory requirements.



How does this attribution work?


  • BIOVYNTM, NEOVYNTM and RECOVYNTM based products perform as well as those made with conventional PVC
  • Drop-in products that do not require any changes to your end product​
  • Consumers will enjoy the same product quality, performance and durability with strong sustainability credentials



We want to build ​even stronger partnerships ​with our customers – working together as part of the transition to a sustainable and Net Zero economy.

If you have any commercial or technical enquiries, please feel free to contact:

Jacob Mackerness