Wholly owned by INEOS, one of the world's largest chemicals companies, INOVYN is the supplier of choice for manufacturers around the world. INOVYN's strengths across its extensive chlorvinyls activities creates a world scale business that continues to serve its customers and rapidly respond to changing European markets.

INOVYN'S strengths are:

- Chain integration that will sustain a long term competitive position

- A broad product portfolio

- High quality assets, people and leading product technology

- A combined asset base underpinning reliability and consistency of supply

- A significant focus on safety, health and environmental sustainability

- Active product development for all key markets



INOVYN market share by key products:

  • General Purpose Vinyls – #1 in Europe
  • Specialty Vinyls – #1 in Europe
  • Chlorine – #1 in Europe
  • Caustic Soda – #1 in Europe
  • Caustic Potash – #1 in Europe
  • Chloromethanes – #3 in Europe
  • Epichlorohydrin – #1 in Europe (merchant market)
  • Allyl Chloride – #1 in Europe
  • Chlorinated Paraffins – #1 in Europe