INEOS Inovyn is at the forefront of developing, marketing and licensing leading technologies for the chlorvinyls industry.  INEOS Inovyn organises its technologies activities into two distinct areas – Electrochemical Technology and Performance Chemicals.




Performance Chemicals

Based on over 70 years of chlorvinyls experience, INEOS Inovyn’s range of PVC additives and EDC catalysts bring real value to PVC and EDC plants. Process economics are improved by using INEOS Inovyn’s high quality and well-proven additives and catalysts to reduce wastage; increase output; reduce down-time; and improve quality and selectivity.

INEOS Inovyn supports the entire range of vinyls catalysts and additives with technical support from across the INEOS Inovyn group, drawing on dedicated people with many years' of experience in chemistry, engineering, vinyls technology and vinyls production.

You can access our full product brochure below:

INEOS Performance Chemicals Product Brochure