DISSOLV consortium



The project has been initiated by Beaulieu International Group with the support of Catalisti. The Walloon funding has been granted by SPW through a BELCOO mechanism.

The DISSOLV consortium involves different industrial partners across the supply chain:

    • INEOS Inovyn provides the technology to separate by dissolution the PVC fraction from the other components and provide a R-PVC after extraction of additives, which are no longer permitted.
    • PVC waste will be provided by Beaulieu International Group (Flooring), Sioen Industries (Tarpaulins) and Empire Carpet (Carpets). Their aim is to recycle the R-PVC in the same application.
    • ExxonMobil will work on the valorisation of the plasticiser fraction.
    • Sioen Industries will work on the valorisation of the polyester fibers.
    • Centexbel will provide analytical support.

DISSOLV graph.png



The key goal of the 3 years DISSOLV project granted with a BELCOO mechanism (thanks to the support of Catalisti and Centexbel), is to demonstrate on a pilot unit that improved dissolution technology will allow full circularity (application to same application), allowing us to recycle in the same application PVC waste which can’t be recycled today due to the presence of legacy additives.