INEOS Inovyn expands its PVC product range offering new solutions for carbon neutrality and circularity

  • INEOS Inovyn introduces NEOVYN, the new PVC range with a reduced carbon footprint meeting 2030 market targets on GHG reductions;
  • BIOVYNTM, our current bio-attributed PVC, is optimised to progressively reach a carbon neutral footprint, becoming the net zero option;
  • For circularity, RECOVYNTM completes the new Sustainable PVC Portfolio, for customers aiming to increase recycled content with PVC.
  • “The new products we bring to the market will help our customers’ and business to jointly achieve our sustainability goals,” says Arnaud Valenduc, Business Director of INEOS Inovyn.


INEOS Inovyn has today announced the expansion of its PVC portfolio - to offer new products that meet society's everyday needs, with a significantly reduced carbon footprint and increased recycled content.

In the area of carbon neutrality, BIOVYNTM, the bio-attributed PVC launched by INEOS Inovyn in 2019, is designed to become carbon neutral and the net zero option. BIOVYNTM has been used increasingly across various sectors from automotive, building and construction, to medical and fashion applications, where fossil-free solutions with a reduced carbon footprint are needed.

To support customer targets for 2030 GHG reductions, INEOS Inovyn offers NEOVYN, which is a new PVC range with a significantly reduced carbon footprint that is 37% lower than the European industry average for suspension PVC (reduced to 1.3 kg CO2 per kg PVC).

NEOVYN will be produced from the many sustainable initiatives that INEOS Inovyn is pursuing, such as an increased access to renewable energy, process electrification and the production and use of renewable hydrogen. NEOVYN will become the new low carbon footprint standard enabling converters to progress on their carbon roadmap by reducing their Scope 3 emissions and offer low carbon footprint products to their customers.

Finally, INEOS Inovyn completes its sustainable portfolio with a new product range that increases recycling and circularity and reduces plastic waste that is not currently mechanically recycled. RECOVYNTM is the new product made from 100% recycled carbon feedstock and is designed for customers who want to increase their recycled content and meet high technical, quality and regulatory requirements.

RECOVYNTM, like BIOVYNTM and NEOVYN, can be used as drop-in solutions. Their sustainability credentials have been certified by the most stringent global requirements in the field, such as RSB and ISCC PLUS.

“We continue to provide industry leadership by bringing to market new products to meet emission reduction and circularity aspirations on route towards a future Sustainable and Net Zero economy,” says Arnaud Valenduc, Business Director of INEOS Inovyn.


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About INEOS Inovyn

INEOS Inovyn is Europe's leading producer of vinyls and in the top three worldwide. With an annual turnover of €5.1 billion, INEOS Inovyn has circa 4,300 employees and manufacturing, sales and marketing operations in 8 countries across Europe.

INEOS Inovyn’s portfolio consists of an extensive range of class-leading products arranged across General Purpose Vinyls; Specialty Vinyls; Organic Chlorine Derivatives; Chlor-Alkali; Hydrogen and Performance Chemicals. INEOS Inovyn's annual commercial production volume is circa 10 million tonnes.

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