Update on cellroom conversion project at Stenungsund Site

INOVYN has set a revised completion date of Q2 2018 for its Project to convert the mercury chlorine cellroom at Stenungsund Site (Sweden) to membrane technology.

Converting the chlorine plant at Stenungsund Site to the most modern membrane technology forms part of INOVYN’s wider Chlorine Strategy. The investment will also deliver INOVYN’s commitment to phase out mercury cellroom production in accordance with European regulations and underpins its commitment to provide reliable long term supply to customers.

As a result, the mercury cellroom at Stenungsund Site will remain operational until May 2018 as covered by an exemption granted by the Swedish Chemical Agency.

Comments Filipe Constant, Business Director INOVYN: “Both INOVYN and its Project partners are working hard to deliver the conversion Project safely and as quickly as possible, and excellent progress has been made to date.

“In the meantime, it is business as usual and contracted customers for caustic soda are assured of INOVYN’s full commitment to continuity of supply, both in the short and longer term.”


For editors:

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